Series Saturday: Eloise at Christmastime


ImageHappy Series Saturday! Today, I chose to review another one of Kay Thompson’s Eloise books: Eloise at Christmastime. Eloise is six years old and lives in the Plaza Hotel, so of course Christmas is the most exciting time of the whole entire year. Eloise has simply soooooo much to do and not nearly enough time in which to do it. At a flurried, dizzying pace, Eloise leads readers through her exciting and oh-so-busy life — up and down stairs (no time for the elevator), inside and outside, banging on walls, singing Christmas carols, delivering presents, and spying on the Plaza’s many Christmas parties. Eloise will steal your heart with her thoughtful, heartfelt gifts to everyone in her life and with the way she joyfully goes through life. Though no book could ever replace the original, beloved Eloise, this sequel captures Eloise at her very best. I can’t imagine Eloise living life quite as exuberantly as she does during this joyful Christmas season. PS — only 59 days until Christmas!

This post was set to go up on October 26th, but it failed to publish. Sorry for the delay and enjoy now!

Reviewed by Sammie Schmidt


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