Winner Wednesday: How are you Peeling?


How are you feeling today? Happy? Sad? Confused? Just plain overwhelmed? The New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Children’s Book winner, How are you Peeling? sets out to distinguish these difficult-to-understand “feelings” through the silly and fun use of mood-holding fruits and vegetables. There’s a tired turnip, a prideful pepper, a lonely leek, and even an outraged orange! Not only can this book be used with very young children to teach the difficult concept of feelings, along with eliciting a wonderful giggle, but it could easily be used with older children who need to be reminded of their imaginative instincts. Think of the possibilities that these emotional veggies could bring about! Could they led to an essay on the unknown life of the sad, neglected pencils at the bottoms of our book bags? Or a riveting poem on the love that a sock has for its pair? The possibilities are endless if you allow Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers’ book be your guide. Where will this book led you?


By: Charlotte Showalter


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