Trendy Tuesday: What DOES the Fox Say? by Ylvis



This “Trendy Tuesday,” I’m going to talk about a book that is based off of a YouTube video—the infamous What Does the Fox Say. If you haven’t seen it, please  have a few laughs: While in a bookstore the other day, I had the pleasure of reading the children’s book, released December 10th, the text of which is simply the lyrics to the song.

The comedic duo Ylvis, who wrote the original song, always wanted to create the book. But it wasn’t in the works until Simon & Schuster quickly picked up the idea. Rumor is the mock-up of said book was put together in a single day.

However, besides the ridiculous nature of the whole project, and the strange quality reading aloud the book would have (especially without singing it to the tune of the song!), the most remarkable part of the read-through was definitely the illustrations. 

They match the strange quality that marks the whole project—they are disconcerting to say the least.  At worst, they are a bit terrifying. Here’s a sample of what the inside of the book looks like:


Although the book is very current, and topical, and might really draw kids in, the thing about a “trend” is it isn’t always meant to last.

by Charity McCracken

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