Free Fridays: Sheep Blast Off!


sheep blast offOn this free Friday, I am posting about Sheep Blast Off! written by Nancy Shaw and illustrated by Margot Apple. When I think about children’s books, this book immediately comes to mind–most likely because I have read it many, many times. I used it for a final project in a language development class. For the project, I was required to meet one-on-one with a child in pre-school over the course of the semester. I read this book to him every week for about 5 weeks and focused on vocabulary instruction and teaching comprehension skills. This book is definitely suited for lower ages, but there were plenty of opportunities to teach new words to the child!

In the story, sheep find a rocket ship in their backyard, and, of course, hop in it and blast off! They encounter some technical difficulties along the way, but arrive safely back to the farm by the end of the story.

One thing I really liked about this book was the action-oriented content. Sentences are infused with action verbs, making it very easy to get kids engaged in reading. Such action words are also easier to teach as you can act out the definitions with your kids. Overall, it is a fun book to read with young kids, and I would recommend it to pre-school teachers who are looking for an easy read that can be used to incorporate a little instruction. I will say, however, that book is not very long and the text has about 1 sentence per page, which can be a blessing or a hindrance, depending on what kind of instruction you are going for.


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