Trendy Tuesday: Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle (Adina Rosenberg)


This Trendy Tuesday post is going to focus on a recent Caldecott honor winner, Flora and the Flamingo. This delightful tale follows the wordless encounter between Flora and the Flamingo. This short book is full of spunk and spirit. The paper flaps were fun to open and it was always exciting seeing the different expressions that Flora and the Flamingo were making at each other when the other wasn’t looking. This would be an excellent book for young readers, but I couldn’t see much use of it in a curriculum/classroom setting, aside from its presence in a classroom library. I recommend this book as a fun bedtime read.

However, though  the illustrations are captivating, I do not see this book becoming a classic. It is fun yet ephemeral, and to me it lost its charm after about the third go through. Additionally, I did not appreciate the gendered nature of the book, equating girlhood with pink and litheness.

Overall, I believe Flora and the Flamingo to be a fleeting trend, though we will bask in its rosy glow while it is here.
Flora Cover


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