Trendy Tuesday: Love Monster by Rachel Bright


This Trendy Tuesday I chose to read the adorable story Love Monster by Rachel Bright. This heartwarming tale is about a somewhat hairy monster who is struggling to fit in with the more cuddly residents of Cutesville. Feeling not so cute, Love Monster finds it hard to fit in when he is a googly-eyed monster and the rest of his town is cute and fluffy. On a journey to find someone who loves him for who he is, Love Monster looks high, low, and even middle-ish. He finds out soon enough that you can find love even when you least expect it. This book is full of wonderful illustrations that truly characterize the characters and the emotion. I think this would be a fantastic choice for young readers in order to learn that you can’t judge someone for what they look like, but you have to learn who a person truly is on the inside. It also teaches the lesson that even if it seems hard to fit in and find friends, it happens to everyone but there truly are people who love you who for you are.

I can definitely seeing myself using Love Monster in my classroom, if I am teaching younger students, and teaching the lesson that is throughout the story. While I am not sure if this book will win any awards, or become a timeless piece, I think that the message makes the story strong and something that should be addressed in every classroom.

Love Monster

By: Marlee Peck


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