Traditional Thursday: I Like Me by Nancy Carlson (Adina Rosenberg)


For Traditional Thursday I have selected a personal favorite of mine, I Like Me by Nancy Carlson. I have owned this book since I was a young girl and brought it to college with me last year. I Like Me is an incredibly positive, fun, and simple story that resonates with me as a  nineteen year old as it did when I was four years old. The confident pig protagonist is relatable and silly and far from perfect. She likes herself for all her flaws and is determined to fix any and all mistakes she makes. I love this book so much. Just thinking about it makes me beam! It is books like these that truly transcend generations. An optimistic and enthusiastic pig with excellent self-esteem and work ethic is a great role model for all, both young and old. I will read this story to my children in the hopes that the messages of self-love and hard work are passed through the years. i_like_me-z4zujm


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