Series Saturday: The World of Harry Potter

Series Saturday: The World of Harry Potter

My entire childhood literary experience could be summed up in two words: Harry Potter. For me that was the crème de le crème of literature. I worshipped, then and now, J.K. Rowling for her ability to create such amazing worlds for me to dive into every time I opened up one of the books. But Harry Potter was so much more than fantasy and magic. It was a guide on life, friendship, and love. It taught me lessons about being a good person, and how what is easy and what is right aren’t always the same things. J.K. Rowling ignited a passion for reading in me that has yet to dissipate. My grandmother introduced me to the series when I was in elementary school and it shaped the person that I have become.

For me reading is a way to connect with other cultures and people. When you’ve read a story as powerful and iconic as Harry Potter there is an inherent bond created between its readers. J.K. Rowling did what most authors can only dream of doing, she made reading the cool thing to do. Growing up there were very few people who weren’t reading Harry Potter and ones who didn’t were looked at as unusual. We all bonded over the stories and anxiously awaited the next book to be released. Everyone couldn’t wait to find out what adventures were in store for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. J.K. Rowling changed the world of reading forever. But more than that she taught us about ourselves and what was truly important in life through relatable characters and interesting plot lines. Her books weren’t sugarcoated in terms of the topics they covered. She broached it all: friendship, love, death, war, prejudice, forgiveness, and above all reminding us never to judge someone without knowing their whole story. When I was reading the books I thought that they were just about magic but looking back I see how much more there was and how much she gave me. To this day I can’t help but freak out when the topic of Harry Potter is brought up. I still re-read the books from time to time and every time I do I’m reminded of why I fell in love with the series in the first place. Harry Potter will live on for generations to come because of the passion for reading that she sparked in children across the world. Harry Potter has forever changed the landscape of literature and my childhood. I would like to personally thank her for giving me the best possible experience and for creating a home for children in the pages of her books. We owe you so much, Ms. Rowling, and for that I am forever grateful.

Tabitha Hill


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