Trendy Tuesday: The boy who wouldn’t go to bed by Helen Cooper Janetra Gleaves


ImageThis book is about a boy who was very rebellious against anything that his mom asked him to do. The little boy in this story was a dare devil and hated going to sleep. All he wanted to do was play with his toys and pretend that he could talk to the animals in his room. The illustrator does a great job throughout this book by creating the illusion to the readers that we were a part of the little boy’s dream. The illustrations created imagery and room for readers to imagine places that were unheard of and unseen. The illusion was created that we as the readers were inside of a dream that the little boy imagined, because no one wanted to play with him. This characters throughout the book denied playing with the little boy, because they were all telling him that it was time for them to rest. The boy moved along his journey throughout his imaginary dream until he could find someone to play with, but everyone was winding down for bed. The little boy couldn’t understand why no one wanted to play with him, until suddenly he got sleepy and was getting a little scared because he wanted he mom. His mom picked him up and tucked him in bed. I thought it was interesting how the author and illustrator created the illusion that the little boy was in a dream or fairy tale when all along he was in his room , but the objects came to life in their own little world.

This is a great book for elementary school children who have trouble accepting when it is time to go to bed. This story is good to help children understand that sleep is good, and that everything needs rest. Children also need to know that sleep is a great thing not a bad thing.


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