Joseph had a little overcoat by Simms Taback Janetra Gleaves


ImageThis book was one of the Caldecott award recipients, and was mostly known for its illustrations and the variations of materials that were used through its illustrations.This amazing story about a man named Joseph explains the concept of “making the most of what you have,” even if its not much. In this story, Joseph recognizes the fact that his overcoat was beginning to look worn and nasty. Joseph then made a jacket of this overcoat. All in all to say that you can always make something out of nothing. The most ironic thing throughout this text I think is the fact that at the end of this book when Joseph had nothing to show, he wrote a book about his experience. The other interesting thing about the text’s meaning was that when Joseph ran out of cloth and material to make anything he had nothing, therefore he about it instead of being upset at the fact that he had nothing left of his favorite overcoat. I think another message the author was trying to prove was that writing can be used as a powerful tool to use when one feels like they have nothing. The illustrations throughout this book were very unique in how they were presented and collaborated well with other pictures, patterns, and objects to fit the next page’s illustrations and meaning.

I would choose to read this book to children between the ages of 8 to 10. I feel that this would be a perfect book to read to children, because its important for them to understand the concept of making a lot out of the little that one may have.Sometimes children don’t always understand that sometimes they have to make the most out of what they already have, and that their parents cannot always get them everything new. I think it is important for children to understand that many things that they already own can be reused and made for something useful instead of throwing it away. I would definitely recommend this book to children that are more wealthier than some, because most of the time these groups are the groups that have trouble understanding the concept of using what one already has instead of looking for parents to buy everything when they can actually use what they already have.


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