Winner Wednesday: A Ball for Daisy


A Ball for Daisy, illustrated but Chris Raschka, written by the reader

A Ball for Daisy

This award-winning wordless picture book is one of my favorite children’s books out there right now. It tells the heartbreaking tale of the destruction of Daisy’s absolute favorite ball by another dog and the heartwarming turn when the other dog’s owner surprises Daisy with a new ball and Daisy makes a new friend. Through this story, the author conveys messages about sharing, forgiveness, and friendship that every child – and adult – can benefit from.

As with most wordless picture books, A Ball for Daisy offers great benefits for children’s language development, especially English Language Learners. The book’s lack of text provides an opportunity for readers to construct their own story based on the vibrant illustrations. This is a wonderful exercise in language use and exploration of the storybook narrative, as well as an empowering opportunity to create one’s own story. By writing the words for a book, children learn that they are authors in their own right, regardless of whether or not they can write. This is empowering for ELLs as well, showing them that their language differences don’t have to be a barrier to literary exploration, creation, and success.

In my opinion, every elementary teacher should have this book in his or her classroom. Check it out yourself if you don’t believe me yet!


By Madeleine Jones

Daisy Interior 4

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