Sentimental Sunday: Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis (Adina Rosenberg)


For this sentimental Sunday I have chosen a book very near and dear to my heart, Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis. This lovely rhyming story follows a moody youngster throughout her week. As a child I was fascinated by this book for many reasons, the main reason being that I related an incredible amount to the protagonist. The main character has wild, curly red hair (not quite unlike my wild, curly brown hair) and goes through dramatic ups and downs. Always one for drama, I loved that this book justified my crazy emotions and even made fun of them a little! While back of the book is super fun to play with (there is a twisty dial that changes the mood/hair of the girl), it is the story that has really kept this book in my memory. Even as an adult this book never fails to make me giggle and sigh. The captivating pictures, enigmatic main character, and relatable story make Today I Feel Silly a book you won’t soon forget. Happy reading!



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