Traditional Thursdays: Cinderella (Janetra Gleaves)


Cinderella is a folk tale of a princess who was forced to live with her mean step sisters and her brutal step mother after the death of her father. Cinderella lived in very unfortunate circumstances and was forced to do everything she was told. She was not allowed to look pretty. Until one night this all changed. Cinderella meets her charming prince but had to get home before the clock struck 12 o’clock. On her way home, Cinderella loses the glass slipper, and was picked up by the prince that was not able to catch her. The prince went around and checked to see who’s foot fit the slipper perfectly. The prince finally gets to Cinderella’s house and discovered who his princess was, he did not care about the circumstances that Cinderella lived in, because he fell in love with Cinderella at the ball.They get married and live happily ever after. Though there are many different versions to this book, the meaning stays the same.This is a great book to read to every little girl that is beginning to read, because it gives them the notion of believing that everyone is beautiful. Books such as these also help expand children’s imaginations of wanting to be a princess and dance around in glass slippers.I would make a play out of this book with my students, and give every girl a princess role to help them understand the importance of their roles as little girls, which is that every girl is special and deserves to be treated like a princess.

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