Free Fridays: Green


ImageIn honor of SPRING BREAK, I thought I’d post about a book, titled Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. Though it does not at all feel like it yet, springtime is coming! The sun will be shining, the birds will be singing, and flowers will be in bloom! In this book, Seeger talks about all things green, which gives me hope in this long and cold winter for what is to come hopefully soon! There is nothing I enjoy more than the look of fresh and bright green grass in the morning or green leaves beginning to grow back on trees. Green just seems to spring up everywhere in the spring!

Green, though not explicitly about springtime, beautifully illustrates many green things. I love this book for its unique features, but keep in mind that it does not tell a narrative story. On every page of the book, there is a depiction of something that is green–things from forests to ferns and caterpillars to limes. The text in the book only identifies the green thing, either by naming it or describing it; hence, there is not really a plot to follow or characters to keep up with. However, this book kept me intrigued on every page through its use of illustrations. There are little cut-outs on every page of the book of different shapes or animals that are in the illustrations on the page so when you flip the page, the preceding illustration becomes a part of the next one as the colors on the previous page create the images on the current page. For example, there is a cute little worm on one page, and instead of drawing out the worm, he is cut out in a way where you could put your finger through the hole where he should be. But, when the page is flat, the colors and illustrations from the page before create a texture and image in the hole. It is so cool! And Seeger uses this technique in the most fascinating way. 

For this reason, I would highly recommend this book. It is just a fun one to have. Although it doesn’t focus on the “norms” of comprehension and plot, this book could be used in creative ways because the illustrations are so engaging and intriguing. Enjoy and Happy Spring!Image


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