Marvelous Monday – A House Is a House for Me


For this week’s Marvelous Monday, I chose the picture book, A House Is a House for Me. This book, written by Mary Ann Hoberman, and illustrated by Betty Fraser, is a rhyming adventure that explains all different types of homes for people and for animals. The explanations range from a hive for a bee, to a castle for a duchess, to a teapot for some tea. As the story goes along it ends with stating how the Earth is a house for us all. This a very lovely story that adds in fun with rhyming but is also informative. The illustrations are beautiful and do a great representation of the words. 

I believe this book would be great for a kindergarten class especially when teaching about what a home is and what it means to someone. This would be helpful when teaching about poetry and rhyming. It would also be beneficial when talking about animals and insects and where they live. Overall, the book is informational but in a fun way and the beautiful illustrations make it even more wonderful. Using this in the classroom would be very beneficial. 

Marlee Peck

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