Sentimental Sunday: Corduroy by Don Freeman


ImageFor my last Sentimental Sunday post, I chose to discuss Corduroy by Don Freeman. As young children, my sister and I loved to read with book with our parents. It was one of our favorites, and we constantly asked to read it again and again. This story is about a teddy bear named Corduroy who is missing a button. As kids come to his home, the department store, to check out all of the toys, they often pass by him, claiming he is ‘broken.’ One night, Corduroy decides to go looking for his missing buttons, and discovers all of the other magical things in the department store! His adventure leads him to a mattress with buttons, so he decides to pull one off, but falls over, hitting a lamp. The night watchman hears the crash, finds Corduroy, and places him back on his shelf. The next morning Corduroy wakes up to an exciting day! His button is back in place and a little girl comes to buy him! He now has a new home to explore with his new friend Lisa.

This book is fantastic for kids. They really get a kick out of all the adventure! Freeman does a great job of taking things so ordinary as a department store and a teddy bear and making them extraordinary. This story teaches a lot of taking risks and fighting for what you deserve in a really simple and fun way, and the pictures are really beautiful. As a lower elementary school teacher I would definitely have this on my book shelf, and would probably do it as a read aloud at the beginning of the year. It would be a great way to open up discussion about creativity, bravery, and adventure, all things that I plan to encourage in my future classroom.


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