Wednesdays Winners : Caterina And The Lemonade Stand



Summer might have ended for us, but it has only just begun for Caterina. This picture book written and illustrated by Erin Eitter Kono, shows just how ambitious a little kid can be.

Caterina is enjoying her summer day when she comes upon a shiny red scooter and it’s love at first sight. She has to have it. She quickly realizes “buying new things isn’t always easy”; a message we can all relate to.


The story follows Caterina as she builds a lemonade stand to save up for the scooter of her dreams. But more problems arise and Caterina has to create a lemonade stand that will stand out. But this owl will put forth ‘owl’ her effort to get that scooter.

Caterina’s determination is great for teaching children to try new things and to keep trying. Not only is this a great book for teaching determination, it’s great for children learning to read. Kono highlights sight words for children from pre-k to kindergarten (Shown in the picture above).

Not only is the content of the book great for children, the illustrations are beyond amazing. Kono creates a masterpiece in a every page weaving real life images with impeccably drawn artwork. Of course as a winner of the Children’s Literature Council’s Excellence in a Picture Book Award, it’s not much of a surprise.


The story ends happily with a heart-tugging message that shows that although Caterina is small, she has big goals and an even bigger heart.

Reviewed by Muniro Dini and Carita Carryl

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