Trendy Tuesday: Three Bears in a Boat


tbiab cover

This week on Trendy Tuesday I will be reviewing Three Bears in a Boat, written and illustrated by the very talented David Soman.  I had recently read Betsy Bird’s 2015 Caldecott Award predictions on her blog, “A Fuse #8 Production,” and Three Bears in a Boat was included among the list so I knew it was a must read!

tbiab beach

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of three little bears – Dash, Charlie, and Theo – who accidentally shattered their mother’s exquisite blue sea shell when they were sneaking honey one day.  The story follows Dash, Charlie, and Theo on their sailing journey to replace their mother’s shell.  They encounter various different bears along the way, some who are helpful and others who are not so helpful.

Three Bears in a boat sailing

Ultimately, in a fit of frustration, the three bears begin to argue and blame what happened on each other.  Suddenly a threatening storm comes their way, and the three bears realize that they all had a part in what happened, so simply blaming each other does not help anything. As they made up, the foreboding storm cleared and they arrived back home empty handed.  However, they stumbled upon another beautiful blue shell as they were walking to their house, which they gave to their mother as they apologized for what had happened.  The mother forgave them and the book had a very satisfying ending.

The illustrations for this book are nothing short of amazing.  David Soman’s attention to detail in his illustrations, along with his well placed text, makes this one of the more beautiful picture books that I have ever read.  If this is not reason enough to read the book then I don’t know what is!

With its beautiful illustrations and exciting story line, this book is sure to keep children engaged.  I would recommend this book for children in first or second grade, because it does contain some more sophisticated vocabulary and sentence structure.  Three Bears in a Boat is sure to be a very popular book among young readers for years to come.  Needless to say, I definitely understand and agree with Betsy Bird’s decision to include Three Bears in a Boat in her 2015 Caldecott Award prediction list!

–Anna Sewell


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