Trendy Tuesday: Draw!


This wordless picture by Raul Colon allows children is beyond captivating. I was captured by Aaron Becker’s Journey, so when I saw this book I knew I had to read it. Much like Becker, Colon’s illustrations are beautiful, but nothing like the story behind it.

A young boy who has just read about Africa decides to explore Africa with a pen, a pad, and his imagination. Young kids will enjoy going along with this young boy on his adventure. They might also question, the inhaler and medicine bottle by his bedside. However, this child is far from bedridden shown by the binoculars and umbrella on the other-side of the table.

The young boy starts by drawing an elephant to carry him off on an adventure. After he’s ridden the elephant to his desire, he draws a zebras and then a snack because after a long adventure you need a sandwich to recharge with. But what’s the point of a sandwich if you can’t share it with a gorilla? The young boy finds adventure in his very bedroom and Colon does an incredible job of capturing the story with beautiful watercolors.

I would highly suggest this book to children ages 4-8, but more specifically bedridden children. This would be great to read to children who might be down with the flu or even a more serious condition. It shows children that your illnesses do not have to limit you. Everyone should read this. It has great illustrations and an even better message; imagination trumps illness.

Reviewed by Muniro Dini


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