Winners Wednesday: This Is Not My Hat



When considering beloved Award-winning children’s books, the first book that came to mind was This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen. This cherished and humourus book was published recently in 2012 and won the Caldecott Award in 2013, making it one of the newer children’s books that has swiftly become popular due to its clever visual humour and suspenseful mood.




This Is Not My Hat follows a tiny little fish with a cute little hat that we soon find out doesn’t belong to him. GASP! He stole it! Little fish lets the readers on a a little secret: he took the little blue hat from a great big fish. However, he assures the readers that everything is OK because the big fish is sleeping and will never ever know who stole his hat… Besides, the hat fits him better anyways.

Little fish swims on with confidence, escaping to the reeds of the deep sea where he thinks the great big fish would never find him… There, the story takes a turn as the readers are pulled away from little fish’s world only to see the big fish coming to find him! The big fish swims into the reeds after the little fish and comes out the other side with his hat. Uh oh… Poor little fish.


This Is Not My Hat uses cleverly placed text and illustrations packed with visual humour to tell little fish’s tale. From the anxious red lobster nervously pointing out little fish’s hiding place to the big brown fish sleeping peacefully with his unreasonably tiny hat once again, readers have to laugh at the predicament the little fish has unknowingly gotten himself into. Young readers love this book, and may call out to warn little fish of his impending doom, hoping their voices reach him in the reeds before it is too late. The minimalist text and simple but vivid illustrations of little fish’s deep sea are sure to keep readers engaged with this exciting and gripping story. This is great read-aloud book for younger readers (up to 2nd grade) who are looking for a clever, engaging, suspenseful and wholly fun read.

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