Monday’s Marvelous New Picture Book: Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana


Pete the Cat is a celebrity amongst children. Seriously, he has his own website, toy collection, and social media pages. Wow! After learning about this famed and feisty feline, I thought that it would be great to read one of his stories. Written and illustrated by James Dean, Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana is the newest tale following the spunky cat.petethecat2

Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana follows the main character, Pete the Cat, as he experiences yet another life struggle: encountering a rotten fruit! Pete loves bananas, but becomes jaded once he takes a bite out of a rancid one. The kitty becomes sick with a stomach bug, and vowes to never again make that mistake. He decides not to eat bananas, and much to his mother’s dismay, he will not even eat any food items that have bananas in them! Much like a child with picky eating habits, Pete can not seem to find the proper replacement for his once beloved favorite. The story follows his journey of avoiding bananas, and with the help of his primate friend, comes to realize just how much bananas mean for him and his health. petethecat3

This story is simple yet very entertaining to read, even as an adult. The illustrations are colorful and highlight only the most important details, such as the main characters and the infamous banana. The book is geared towards children from age 4-8, and the pictures are appealing for that age. James Dean does a fantastic job at showing emotion depicted on Pete’s face, showing his frustration over the loss of his first love (bananas) . The figures in the illustrations are colored in a similar manner that children would fill in illustrations. This is great because the young readers can relate to the artistic style of the book.

The reading level of this book is perfect for young children learning to read on their own! Parents can be by their side and support their child reading this fun, lively book. The contents of this book are silly and entertaining, and children will want to pull this off their shelves and read on their own. This book can even be tauhgt within the classroom. Kindergarten teachers can introduce this book along with other Pete the Cat books. Kids will be attracted to the idea of a series, seeing the same character repeated in countless books. Pete is a lovable character, and following him on his many adventures is a fantastic way to form positive reading habits within a child.


Overall, I have fallen in love with Pete the Cat. He is sweet and embodies the spirit of children experiencing life. I would reccomend this book to any beginning reader and to their families/teachers. I literally laughed out loud and re-read passages of this book to my roommate, who also found Pete to be hilarious. Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana is a must read for anyone who loves animals, humor, and of course, a good ‘ol banana!

Happy Reading

-Emily Oviedo


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