Trendy Tuesday: Mix it Up!


Herve Tullet’s Mix it Up! is the recently released follow up to his much loved 2011 book Press Here. The book carries on Tullet’s typical style of an interactive experience for children that presses the boundaries of their imagination.


The brightly swirled primary colors grab your attention from the cover, inviting you into a magical reading experience from page one. The instructions on each page offer the feeling of having an artist right beside you, encouraging your discovery of the world of color as you press, mix, tilt, and shake your way from cover to cover.

Mix It Up_2

Here, Tullet instructs the reader on how to combine the red and blue paints to make purple, stating “Now take a little bit of the red… And rub it on the blue.”

Mix It Up_3

The next page shows the reader the result of his or her action, as Tullet’s illustration depicts the action performed.

The book is not only an excellent learning tool for children beginning to understand the fundamentals of art, but also an exciting experience for young children in general. The text and illustrations interact flawlessly, as readers of all ages can’t resist “mixing” the paint, eagerly turning the page to see the results. I thoroughly enjoyed how vivid the paint illustrations were and couldn’t help forgetting they were simply reprinted images. Herve Tullet’s beautiful, yet imperfect painting mimics the messiness of a child with specks and smudges littering the pages – all adding to the charm and giddiness of the book overall.

Mix it up! is certain to become a favorite read during story time in classrooms and homes everywhere.

Reviewed by SaraGrace Lee


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