Free Fridays: Stellaluna


stellaluna cover











Stellaluna is a beautiful picture book that will evoke nostalgia in many of us, and is an excellent addition to the repertoires of young readers.

     Stellaluna follows a young bat who is separated from her mother during an owl attack then she is a baby. Her mother loved her very much, and Stellaluna was devastated to find herself lost and lone. She soon falls into a bird’s nest, where she is forced to live like a bird – sleeping in the nest, not hanging by her feet, and eating bugs—so that she can stay in the nest. Stellaluna loves her nest family, and soon adopts the birds’ ways. As the story goes on, Stellaluna is discovered by other bats and realizes she is different. However, she accepts her differences from her bird siblings and is glad that they can still be friends.













  Stellaluna‘s tone is peaceful, soothing, and serene throughout Stellaluna’s trials, primarily due to the nature of the illustrations. Janell Cannon does an excellent job of combining soft lights and deep tones to paint elements like the soft brown bats and the deep blue night sky. The illustrations also support the plot by showing Stellaluna at her most pivotal moments, like the first time she eats a bug.
















Overall, Stellaluna is a classic picture book for young readers looking for a story about friendship and defying differences, as well as a touching story about the love between a mother bat and her child. Children will enjoy endearing characters and the beautifully painted illustrations that serve as the backdrop for this lovely story. Share this wonderful picture book with your children!


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