Trendy Tuesdays: The Day the Crayons Quit



In The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Dewalt crayons stand up for themselves by sending letters to their owner Duncan, to express their complaints.  Each crayon has a different complaint to talk about.  Some crayons are not used enough, like the pink crayon.  Others are used too much and are now so stubby that they cannot see over the box and need a break, like the blue crayon.


The illustrations by Oliver Jeffers are what really make this story come to life.  Each letter is written in handwritten that looks like a child, in the colored crayon that is speaking to Duncan.  It also then shows  picture of the crayon and a picture depicting whatever their issue is with Duncan.


I think children will particularly enjoy the peach crayon who does not want to come out of the box because Duncan took his wrapper of him and now he is naked! They will also enjoy the fight between the yellow and orange crayons for what color that the sun really is.  But, in the end Duncan draws a picture that satisfies all of the crayons and obeying all of their commands.  He also gets and A+ for creativity on his drawing.

-Stefania Girardi



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