Free Fridays: Big and Bad


This week in ENED 2100, we are discussing differences in renditions of classic fairytales. That, combined with the fact that today is Halloween, inspired us to share with you all a mysterious and dark retelling of The Three Little Pigs.


In the text, the names of the animals are colored, while the rest of the text is black.  The coloring of the names of the animals draw reader’s attention and indicates that this story is more about tan animal community rather than the intellect of individual pigs.  The use of figurative language in the text draws the readers in.  Words like gobbled, gruesomely, splendid, and succulent were used.


The illustrations are mesmerizing; facial features indicate character.  The illustrator uses foreshadowing through the ominous grey sky over the vast landscape in the scene before the wolf falls into the furnace.


Jamie’s favorite illustration was the illustrations of the two cats on page 16 (pictured below) because it looks like one cat with tow heads, which makes it look more devious.


Big and Bad by Etienne Delessert is a take on the classic Three Little Pigs story.  The difference between teamwork and individuality is expressed in this version.

By: Lexi Witkin, Jamie Galvin, and Stefania Girardi


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