Trendy Tuesdays: Sam & Dave Dig A Hole



If you are a fan of This Is Not My Hat, then you are sure to like this very new book, Sam & Dave Dig A Hole, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Caldecott winning Jon Klassen.  The story follows two boys – Sam and Dave – and their dog as they dig a hole with the mission to find “something spectacular.”  The boys continue to dig and dig, yet little do they know they are just barely missing finding some spectacular things (like the diamonds).


Sam and Dave eventually split up to dig in different directions with hopes that it will help them accomplish their mission.  However, they still have no luck.  Ultimately they grow tired and decide to take a nap in their hole, but their dog continues to dig.  The next thing they know, Sam and Dave are falling and falling until somehow they land in the front yard of their home.  Dave sums up that experience and their adventure digging the hole with the last line of the story: “‘Well,’ said Dave. ‘That was pretty spectacular.'”


This dry and basic, yet brilliant story is sure to be a favorite for adults and children alike.  Not only is the story unique and entertaining, but the illustrations are fantastic.  While it is no surprise that any book illustrated by Jon Klassen is fantastic (I mean, he won the Caldecott people), Sam & Dave Dig A Hole is no exception.  The simplistic yet incredibly detailed illustrations are what truly make Sam & Dave Dig A Hole worth the read.  The story is great, but it simply would not be as amazing as it is without the illustrations.  Additionally, I believe Klassen did a wonderful job with his choice of font and text placement.

All in all, Sam & Dave Dig A Hole – released less than a month ago – is definitely worth the read for any child, adult, or children’s literature enthusiast.  Between the story and the illustrations, this is a great book for all ages.  Be on the lookout for Sam & Dave Dig A Hole in stores!


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