Free Fridays: I Like Myself!



This week’s Free Friday is Karen Beaumont’s, I Like Myself!, illustrated by David Catrow. This is the story of a little girl’s proclamation that she loves herself no matter what, both inside and out. It is an uplifting book that will promote confidence in children and adults alike. She begins on the surface, explaining that she likes all of her external features because they are what makes her who she is. Beaumont then makes an important point when the girl states that she likes all of her internal features too- her personality, thoughts, and much more. So, as she next goes on to state, she does not care what anyone else says about her, because she loves who she is and people will pick on you no matter what.ILikeMyselfBike

I absolutely adore this book because it promotes how important it is to love yourself. In our society, people pick on each other for hundreds of reasons daily. Children need to learn to have confidence and love themselves no matter what, and this book accomplishes that perfectly. It is a great book to read at the end of a hard day or just to prepare a child for school the next day.Beaumont does a very good job of making the child quirky and silly too, so that anyone can relate to her.

The illustrations compliment the text very well and make the book even funnier than it already is. The book’s rhyming writing style will also draw readers in and makes it easier to repeat the story in your mind throughout the day. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone and think that it is an uplifting and adorable piece of children’s literature.

Post by Lindsey Feinstein


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