Free Fridays: The Very Cranky Bear


This week in Nashville, the weather has been atrocious. Snow storms, ice storms, freezing temperatures, you name it. Today, I decided to finally venture out and trek to the book store. On my way here, I managed to almost fall three times on the ice, which  put me in not the best mood. When I got to Barnes and Noble, I spotted The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland and decided to read and review this story because I, like the bear, was very cranky.


Reading this story definitely cheered me up. Nick Bland tells the story of four friends, a moose, a lion, a zebra, and a sheep, who on a cold and rainy day – oh the irony – meet a very cranky bear.  To cheer the cranky bear up, moose gives him antlers, lion gives him a mane, and zebra gives him stripes. 


What can the animals do to cheer up the very cranky bear? The bear exclaims that all he really wants is to sleep, so sheep decides to make him a pillow out of his wool. The story is told in a rhyming way making it a really good read aloud, and teaches the moral of sharing with others. The illustrations are really expressive and detailed, which draws the reader or listener in. I would definitely recommend reading this book aloud in a classroom, and then doing an activity! CIMG2555_thumb4

In the classroom, you can also introduce The Very Cranky Bear app to the students or read another one of Nick Bland’s bear stories: The Very Hungry Bear and The Very Itchy Bear.

This story helped me not be cranky on this cold, wintery day.

Julia Fleming


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