Winners Wednesday


It might be Wednesday but today’s winner is Tuesday! Tuesday by David Wiesner, that is.

tuesdayWinner of the 1992 Caldecott Award, Tuesday tells the story of flying frogs and their adventures, through pictures. The text in Tuesday is minimal. Yet, what is lacking in words is made up for in thrilling illustrations. Every thing in every picture on every page adds to the magical mayhem that’s occurring on this Tuesday night. From the facial expressions of those flying frogs, to the hint of flying pigs and magic every night of the week, Wiesner’s work is extraordinary in every sense of the word.



flying pigs






Since reading this book for the first time in this class, I have fallen in love. Seriously, the frog’s facial expressions are some of the best illustrations that I’ve ever seen and probably, my favorite. Without words, something has to tell the story and draw the reader in and the facial expressions do just that. With every page and every action, you want to know what the frogs are thinking, how much they’re enjoying themselves and what they’re planning on doing next.

This book is fun for all ages and would make a great story to enjoy as a family. Parents may pick up on a few details of the pigs’ expressions that children may not understand. And children can enjoy making up their own words to what’s going on with the frogs on this Tuesday night.

One thing is for sure. Wiesner reminds his readers that the extraordinary can emerge from any day of the week. So this Wednesday, make sure you check out Tuesday!

–Shae Earl





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