Winner Wednesday – Journey by Aaron Becker


I have no idea how my original post got deleted, and then my Traditional Thursday post replaced it, but here it is another time! 🙂

Journey by Aaron Becker is a wordless picture story that tells the story of a young girl who lives in a colorless world that travels to an imaginary world through one piece of chalk. The only thing in her life that is colored is her red scooter. Becker shows the little girl’s family and how none of them want to play with her. She is show pouting in her room which too is all gray, except for one thing a magical piece of red chalk. This piece of chalk serves as an escape for the little girl. There is a stark contrast between the real world and the world that the girl is imagining. You can see the transition in the picture below.


Not only are the illustrations impeccable in this story, but the message that the author conveys also makes the story one great for all ages: your imagination can take you wherever you want. This is reinforced at the end of the story when the little girl ends up safely and happily back at home. She notices that the little boy standing there also has a piece of magical chalk that is purple. Together they create wheels for a bicycle that they ride on together. Now this piece of chalk gave the little girl a friend and someone to play with. This is such a great moral for children.

I think this story would work best with children who are of low socioeconomic statuses because these are the children who need their imagination the most but many times lack it. This story shows that even in the saddest of times there is something to be happy about and using their imaginations can change their reality. I think this book could be used with any group of children but especially those who are lacking an imagination and those who are living in tough situations. I would highly recommend this book to every child and parent!


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