Trendy Tuesday: The Book With No Pictures


Trendy Checklist
Written by a celebrity: Check
New York Times Best Seller: Check
Innovative: Check
Children will love it: CHECK

On top of the New York Best Sellers list this week was The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak, known for his role on The Office. However, don’t let the fact that this book is written by a celebrity turn you away for you would missing out at a truly fun and hilarious book to read out loud with children. This book has no pictures and only one rule:


Novak’s book is perfect and best used for parents to read to their children. The writing style lends itself nicely to a read a-loud format. Sentences tend to be quick and simple but as long as they are read with good intonation each sentence packs a powerful punch. The writing even anticipates what children will say or think while their parents are reading this book out loud to them, helping to create a great experience of reading books together. While parents are reading this book out loud children will be laughing at all the funny things parents have to say.


Children will not even miss the fact that there are no pictures in this book because they will be laughing so hard. This is also a great book for children who may not love reading to show them how enjoyable reading can be. I would highly recommend adding this book to the library at home to maybe read before bed.

-Lauren Patrowsky

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