Traditional Thursdays: There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon


Dragon 1

In honor of Traditional Thursdays, we’ll be looking at a childhood favorite of mine, a book called There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon, by Jack Kent. The book centers around young Billy Bixby when a kitten-sized dragon appears in his room one day.

dragon 2

When he tells his mother about his unexpected new friend, she insists that there is no such thing as a dragon, so he ignores it, even when it eats all of his pancakes at breakfast in the morning.

dragon 3

Mrs. Bixby sees the dragon but refuses to admit that she was wrong and dragons really DO exist, so instead she goes on ignoring it. The more the dragon is ignored, the more he grows, until he is big enough to stand up with the house on his back like a turtle shell!

dragon 4

He runs through the neighborhood, chasing a truck carrying fresh-baked bread. The mailman is forced to chase the house down the street, and when Mr. Bixby comes home a neighbor points in the direction that the dragon ran. When Mr. Bixby finally finds his house and family, Mrs. Bixby is forced to admit that the dragon does, indeed, exist. At that, the dragon shrinks back down until he is the size of a kitten once more.

dragon 5

The book is silly and entertaining. Kids love to watch the dragon grow and take off with the house, and it’s fun to have them brainstorm reasons why the dragon is growing so quickly (although of course the most common answer is that he simply ate too much). It’s one that I read often as a child, and one that I would highly recommend to the next generation of young readers!

-Caroline Roberts

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