Trendy Tuesday: Fancy Nancy


Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor is flying of the shelves. The first book came out in 2006 and now there are numerous picture books, countless activity and I can read book, and even a few chapter books based off of the first book. Nancy is a girl who loves to be fancy. She loves to use fancy words like fuchsia instead of purple, dress fancy, and really do everything as fancy as possible.


As much as we don’t want to judge a book by its cover, the cover does play a role when deciding on which book to buy from the store. Fancy Nancy has a beautifully, eye-catching cover. The cover is full of bright colors and even has tons of sparkles on it. It’s no wonder children, especially little girls, are immediately drawn to this book.

The story is written from Nancy’s perspective and is written in a way that she is almost talking to the reader. The writing style of almost talking to the reader is very popular and kids love it as it really helps bring the child into the story. Nancy loves fancy things and that includes fancy words. However, well aware of her younger audience, O’Connor defines all her fancy words quickly after writing them. Defining the fancy words helps children in building their vocabulary as well as helping characterize Nancy.


The illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser are a bit much for me, there is just a lot going on. However, they also do a nice job of matching the story as well as advancing the story along. While, I think the illustrations are a bit much, it does match Nancy’s personality and are almost humorous like the book is when reading.


    I think one of the best parts about Fancy Nancy is that is teaches kids that it is okay to be different from others. Nancy is the only one in the story that likes to be fancy but that doesn’t stop her one bit. Furthermore, it also teaches parents that it can be fun and really good for their child to indulge in the activities the child likes and follow along even if the parents think they would look or feel ridiculous because it will make for great memories both for the child and yourself. I will leave you with the touching ending of the story.


-Lauren Patrowsky


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