Marvelous Monday: Making Non-Fiction Marvelous



Today for Marvelous Monday, we decided to look at a genre of books children might not usually find that marvelous and fun: non-fiction!  We searched for a book that was trendy and introduces new information to students in a completely attainable, understandable way. With that in mind, we found Environment Infographics by Chris Oxlade, which organizes facts about human interaction with the environment into accessible and engaging infographics for children.


Infographics are a new and unique layout I never expected to see in children’s literature, just because you usually associate infographics with studies and publications that generally don’t cater to children. However, I think the format of these particular infographics will engage and excite students because of the bold color and computer generated graphics. Complex information about the environment is made accessible through pictures, maps and graphs. It is important to present dry, factual information in a fun and exciting way, especially when making non-fiction books for children.  The bold pictures and graphs help illustrate and bring facts to life.


The topic is applicable to any child, because everyone participates in the activities mentioned in the book, for example flushing the toilet, or throwing away trash. Because of this, the readers will be able to relate to the information and realize how damaging their own actions could be to the environment. If they are able to apply what they are learning to their own life, they will retain the information much better! At school, this book could be read in one sitting, or could be used as a reference for certain information, such as information on deforestation. Teachers could also use Oxlade’s book to teach elements of non-fiction texts; it includes a table of contents, section headings, a glossary, index and a list of extra available resources. This book is a very unique and engaging way to present information to children; Oxlades Infographics series includes three other books about: weather, animals and population. Enjoy this marvelous Monday, and explore this new type of non-fiction!

By Kayla Staubi and Sarah Borton

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