Traditional Thursdays: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


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    You might be wondering why I’m talking about How the Grinch Stole Christmas! when it’s only April. I think this book includes valuable lessons in it, that Christmas should not be the only time it is read or talked about! How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is one of Dr. Seuss’ most popular children’s books, and has continued to be popular for over fifty years. It is about a character referred to as “the Grinch.” He lives in a cave, isolated from the people of Who-ville, and is said to have a heart that is two sizes too small. He is a bitter creature, and what he hates most of all is Christmas. When Christmas comes around that year, the Grinch decides to “steal” Christmas by going into the Whos’ houses and taking everyone’s presents and anything else that is Christmas related. After he has spent all night going from house to house, he finally heads back to his home with everyone’s presents, proud of himself for successfully “stealing” Christmas. As everyone wakes up the next morning, the Grinch expects to hears cries of sorrow and despair. Much to his surprise,  he hears merry voices singing instead. At that moment, he realizes that Christmas is not just about the presents, but it’s about family, friends, and the joy that comes from within. When he realizes this, his heart grows three sizes that day, he returns all of the presents, and finally finds his own place in Who-ville.
Just like all of Dr. Seuss’ other children’s books, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a book that children will enjoy. The writing style is fun and fluid, and the rhyming makes it enjoyable for kids to read and listen to. The illustrations are also engaging in that they depict the silliness that is going on.

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     Although this book is mainly read around Christmastime, I think it deserves to be recognized every other part of the year. Other than the theme of the meaning of Christmas, the book brings up important themes of acceptance, redemption, and finding joy with family and friends. The Grinch not only realizes his mistakes, but he owns up to them and carries that out through his actions. In a world that has become so focused on materialistic things, this is a refreshing book that teaches children that happiness does not always come from things that can be bought.

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 -Jessica Lau


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