Trendy Tuesday: Dragons Love Tacos


If you are looking for a quirky, cute, and entertaining picture book to add to your collection, this one is it.  Dragons Love Tacos, written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri, tells the quirky tale of a boy, some dragons, and tacos. This New York Times Best Seller is an excellent example of a great book to just read for enjoyment! It is sure to have kids entertained and laughing.




This book tells gives all the details on how to throw a taco party for dragons.  You see, dragons love tacos. In fact, they love all types of tacos- beef, chicken, filled with cheese. You name it, they like it, except for spicy foods. They don’t just dislike spicy foods in their tacos; if they eat it, there’s a good chance smoke will come out of their ears and irreversible damage will be done! With a surprise ending, this book is sure to lure in readers with its fun and unique storyline.

Dragons Love Tacos_Spread 4-large

My favorite aspect of this book is the writing style.  Author Adam Rubin wrote the book in a way that it seems as if the narrator is having a conversation with both the reader and dragons.  This makes the book much more engaging because the reader is part of the story.  The “how-to” nature of this book and the conversation-like text will capture young children’s attention as they themselves learn how to throw a party for a dragon- a completely ridiculous, fun, and entertaining topic.


The book is really taken to the next level by the illustrations. To begin, the illustrations are nicely done.  In addition, Salmieri does an excellent job of expanding upon the text using the illustrations.  Each page is filled with bright watercolors, perfect for catching the attention of readers.  What is most impressive is how Salmieri took the time to include small details to really further the text.  Another notable aspect of the illustrations is that during some points of the book, the readers must solely rely in the illustrations for information.  This is surely not a problem with how descriptive the pictures are.  For example, each time the narrator asks the dragons a question, instead of including the dragons’ answers in the form of text, the readers are left to look at the illustrations to deduce the answers to the question.  The use of the illustrations is really quite brilliant.


Overall, this is an excellent book.  While it does not have any sort of academic content, this book would be an excellent addition to a child’s storybook collection. The engaging storyline is perfect for a book to read for fun!


~Jessica Bloomrosen


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