Trendy Tuesdays: The Adventures of Beekle


If you are looking for a fun, adventurous, heartwarming tale, pick up New York Times Best-Seller The Adventures of Beekle today! You will not be disappointed.


This wonderful picture book tells the story of an imaginary friend waiting to be thought of by a child.  After getting tired of waiting for his special friend, Beekle sets out to the real world to find his human and receive his name, which turns out to be Beekle! Unfortunately, the task is not as easy as it seems.  Beekle is a bit scared when reaching the real world because it was so different. People need naps, not everyone is eating cake, and there is so much hustle and bustle.  The real world proves to be a challenge when finding his true friend.

Beekle 5

One day, however,the unimaginable happens- Beekle finds his perfect match! As their friendship develops, Beekle and Alice, his friend, go on many adventures together. Suddenly, the world was not so strange with his friend by his side.


One of the best parts of this book is the illustrations.  There is no doubt that Santat was deserving of his 2015 Caldecott Medal.  Dan Santat, author and illustrator of The Adventures of Beekle created a wholesome and adventurous book through the illustrations.  One technique that Santat used throughout the story was providing a stark contrast between Beekle and the rest of the illustrations.  It was not uncommon to have Beekle’s bright white body stick out from a black and white page spread, or even a page with many bright colors.  This technique was very effective in creating illustrations that “pop.”  The text is intentionally placed to really compliment the breathtaking  illustrations.  The colors are rich and flavorful, offering readers a wholesome experience with the book.  The illustrations are sure to capture the eyes of all.


Beekle 3

Caldecott-winning author and illustrator Dan Santat has outdone himself with this story.  Accompanied with beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming story of friendship and adventure The Adventures of Beekle is the perfect addition into any library.  Children of all ages are sure to absolutely enjoy watching Beekle find his special person.

-Jessica Bloomrosen


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