Traditional Thursday: Me First


I consider this book a classic, because I vividly remember reading it as a child. Published in 1995 by Sandpiper paper backs, Me First by Helen Lester tells a story about a pig named Pinkerton (that is Pinkerton being first below).

VF823574.g01Pinkerton always insists on being first. Whether he has to to “bounce off belies, step on snouts, or tie tails,” Pinkerton is always first. Pinkerton’s scout troop goes to the beach, and he is the first out of the water, first into the picnic basket, but…

Pinkerton hears, “Who wants a sandwich?” Of course, he starts racing to be first in this case. When Pinkerton rushes across the beach, he flies over a sand hill and falls right in front of a sandwitch! Pinkerton thought he was getting a sandwich, but he came face to face with a sandWITCH! The sandwich recruits him to take care of her and do chores for her. VF823574.g10The wise and beautiful Sandwitch taught Pinkerton that being FIRST was not always BEST. Once the sandwitch let Pinkerton go, he sped back to the bus and gladly got on last.

The illustrations in this book are very detailed and expressive. They add to the text very well and extend the story. 9780395720226_p0_v1_s260x420

I loved this book and will definitely share it with my children and students one day. The story is humorous, popular among children, and extremely useful with the lesson it teaches. Students can learn that being first is not always best. This book can be useful as a read-aloud. The book would also be appropriate for a parent to read to his or her child. I would read this story aloud or to my child and have a discussion about greed and character.

I encourage you to go read this book!

Julia Fleming


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