Marvelous New Picture Books- Wherever You Go


Wherever You Go, written by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler, is a beautifully worded picture book about the journeys that life takes us on. The book specifically focuses on roads as a symbol for the “paths” we take, from the friendships we make to the obstacles we face. Wherever You Go follows a endearing white rabbit as he travels long winding roads through cities, up mountains, and across bridges, gathering animal friends to travel with him along the way.

This book very thoughtfully addresses how although the “path” of life may take us through hard times and unexpected changes, we still have control over which people we share that journey with and where we go in the end. Throughout the book, Miller presents several different types of roads and where they can take us, should we choose to travel on them.


So, according to Wherever You Go, what do roads do?


The possibilities in life are endless. There is always somewhere to go, somewhere to be, someone to see.


Sometimes life goes by so fast that it’s hard to keep up.

Life takes us on unexpected detours.



Life can take us places we never imagined to go, but it is our choice to take those risks and make those choices. We must “follow (our) heart(s).”

image copy 3


Life is meant to be shared with people who matter. Sometimes paths cross and we are suddenly sharing the journey of life with someone else.


Life is large, continually being filled with people and memories made each day.

image copy


Sometimes life goes slowly. Relationships may fade and end, but life goes on.


Life throws obstacles at us, but these “mountains” are worth climbing.


We remember the things we go through, the times we made mistakes and the times we were proud.

image copy 4image copy 5


And finally, Roads…return.

Life will always take us back to where we are “longing to be.” Wherever You Go ends on a heartwarming note, as the rabbit says goodbye to the friends he picked up along the way and returns to his home, where he belongs.

I think Wherever You Go would be a great read for early elementary school children, as they are just beginning to experience both the excitement and the challenges that come with being able to make decisions and build friendships at school. However, I would also recommend this book for older kids and even adults, as its beautiful illustrations and poignant phrases bring several memories, filled with both laughter and tears, to my mind as I read through it. Wherever You Go is a book I plan to keep on my bookshelf at home for a very long time, reminding me of where I am going, where I began, what I expected, and what I didn’t plan. But most importantly, as it sits on my shelf, it will whisper to me… follow your heart.


By Angel Rajendran


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