Marvelous New Picture Books- Can We Help?


Can We Help? Kids Volunteering to Help Their Communities, written/photographed by George Ancona, is a picture book that looks at real children who are making a real difference in their community by volunteering in many different ways.


Throughout this book readers will see children making hats and scarves for the homeless, training assistance dogs, cleaning up streets, delivering hot meals and many different activities that help out the communities that these children live in. It was very interesting to see children doing this with their parents, friends, or even by themselves because this allows every child to relate. Say a child and their friend want to give back to their community yet do not have time to help after school. They could be like the children in school who knit hats and scarves for the homeless. George Ancona does an amazing job showing different options that kids have if they want to volunteer within their community regardless of their age, which is important to point out. Many children may believe that they are too young to help but this book shows them the opposite and in a way encourages them to get involved.


One of my favorite parts in the book is when George Ancona talks about how some middle school kids mentor elementary students. The older students help the younger students with reading and mathematics and play word games. Then before everyone goes home they play fun games! This is important to point out because readers may be able to relate since many children may be part of programs like this in their schools.


As a reader, I found this book very inspirational because of how young some of these children are yet they are giving back to the community. I would recommend that parents get this book and read it to/with their child (grades K-4). After they read the book parents should discuss with their children how children can get involved in helping their community. Can We Help? Kids Volunteering to Help Their Communities by George Ancona is going to reach out and connect with many children reading this book and they will be inspired to find ways they can help too. So why not go out and buy or rent this book and inspire children to help volunteer and give back to their community?

-Kendall Shaw



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