Trendy Tuesdays: Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast



Cover pg

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk, Illustrate by Brendan Kearney

This is a delightful new book from author Josh Funk and illustrator Brendan Kearney. Published just this year, Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast brings to life the adventure of two breakfast foods with bright illustrations and full-page spreads, depicting their valiant fight for the last drop of syrup. Traveling through the orange juice fountain and avalanche of chickpeas, Lady Pancake races against Sir French Toast to reach the syrup bottle first. Unfortunately, their competition hurts their friendship. As the story closes and neither the Pancake nor the French Toast get the last drop of syrup, they learn that sharing with others is the best way to make everyone happy.


With rhyming stanzas, this book will keep children interested while also exposing them to many healthy, delicious foods. While the main characters are a pancake and french toast, the supporting roles are filled with vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. The journey through the fridge brings in many assortments of foods and ends with the unique last page: a fold out of the entire fridge.

Fold Out

The main characters in this book learn an important lesson: Sharing is better than fighting. I like that Funk explicitly stated this lesson to ensure it was fully enforced for the reader. While the book shared a good message, the tempo of the story was fast-paced and full of adventure. The book beautifully combined vibrant pictures, novel healthy foods, and a good message about sharing.

Caroline Mulligan


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