Trendy Tuesdays: Mixed Me!


Published earlier this month, Mixed Me! is a charming, light-hearted story by actor Taye Diggs about what it’s like growing up with parents that “don’t match.” 51IevJVjS8LMike is a biracial child with “super-crazy-fresh-cool” hair who likes “to go FAST!” He exudes coolness at every turn, even when he has to deal with people staring and asking questions about his mixed family.


His nonstop energy and cheerful confidence are conveyed through Diggs’s flowing rhymes and brief rhythmic verses. Paired with Shane Evans’s mixed-media pencil and watercolor drawings, the story perfectly embodies the bright, optimistic, and joyful spirit of childhood. Evans’s illustrations strengthen this story of acceptance and love. Some drawings take over the page, while others are split up to show multiple pictures. The variety makes it easy to stay engaged in the story, leaving the reader eager to turn the page and see where Mike’s crazy hair is next.


The text and illustrations make this a perfect book to read in any situation, to any child. It works as a read-aloud with its upbeat rhythm, or as a one-on-one sharing book, where a child can appreciate all of the details in the artwork. As one amazon rater shared, “My daughter is biracial and it’s so refreshing to find a book she can relate to.” Diverse books are crucial to include in every child’s library, and this book not only portrays diversity, but embraces it. It is a great book to introduce the conversation of diversity, or just to enjoy its rhymes. Children of every background can learn not only acceptance of others, but of themselves, and to cherish the differences they see in themselves and others.

Mixed Me! is a wonderful, current, trendy book that parents and children can share delight in reading.

-Julie Schwab


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