Marvelous New Picture Books : Thank You and Good Night


This weeks Marvelous New Picture Book is Thank You and Good Night by Patrick McDonnell. McDonnell is a New York Times bestselling author and Caldecott Honor artist. This is his first bedtime book which captures the magic of a sleepover and to cherish the little and simple things in life.


“It’s a very special night.

Clement, Jean, and Alan Alexander

are having a pajama party! But after

playing, dancing, and gazing at the stars,

everyone is getting sleepy……

Is it time for bed yet?


First, it’s time to say

thank you.”

This book tells a story about Maggie’s friend Clement and how she throws him a surprise pajama party. Two of Clement’s friends, Alan Alexander and Jean, come over and they do events like jumping on the bed, looking at the stars, playing hide and go seek, learning the chicken dance, and making funny faces. Eventually they get so tired that it was time for them to get ready for bed and listen to the bed time story read by Maggie.


The illustrations throughout the book were done in pen and ink, pencil, and watercolor on handmade paper. These illustrations were very cute and couldn’t help but make me smile. They may have not been the most extravagant illustrations ever seen in a children’s book but it was perfect for this book and to show the children the story. Some of my favorite pages were honestly the most simple and they were when the three friends learned the chicken dance, did a funny face contest and practiced yoga.


My favorite thing about the picture book was basically the end of the book right after they were told bedtime stories. Maggie says to Clement, Jean, and Alan Alexander: “Now, before we go to sleep, let’s all say what we were thankful for this day”. After Maggie asked them what they were thankful they came with a lengthy list then got their goodnight kisses and went to bed.

I think this is a positive lesson/theme that was shown in this book and I believe it should be shown through more books. Being thankful is an important lesson for everyone to learn and especially for children to learn it when they are young so they know how to be thankful throughout their lifetime. This can be taught through books, lessons, and just talking about it. Being thankful is something one should be everyday of their life regardless what happens and I believe this bedtime story is one of the ways a child can learn this lesson.

-Kendall Shaw


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