Winners Wednesdays: A Ball For Daisy


A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka

A Ball For Daisy is a beautifully illustrated wordless picture book. The book is about a little white dog named Daisy who loves her red ball. She sleeps with it, plays with it, and brings it to the park. One day at the park, a bigger brown dog takes the ball from her and accidently pops it. Daisy’s owner throws the ball away and Daisy goes home heartbroken and sad that she no longer has her ball. The next day when Daisy’s owner takes her to the park again, they see the brown dog and the brown dog’s owner. The brown dog’s owner brings Daisy a new blue ball to replace the red ball and Daisy goes home happy.Daisy

This book is relatable for children and brings up many emotions that children experience on a daily basis. Many children have experienced the heartbreak of losing something that they love, which allows children to relate to Daisy. The illustrations of this book are also impeccable. Through ink, watercolor, and gouache, Raschka conveys the emotions of the characters allowing children to understand the story without words. The wordless picture book is also useful in inspiring creativity in children, allowing them to come up with new words to the story each time it is read. I highly recommend A Ball For Daisy.

-Emily Thermos


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