(Possible) Winner Wednesday: Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep!


robots cover

Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep! by Todd Tarpley and illustrated by John Rocco, while not yet a winner of any awards, definitely has the potential. Released this September, this unique bedtime storybook features a boy who has trouble getting his three robots to go to sleep (I bet that never happens at your home, right?). His frustrated reaction to their inability to listen can easily be used to help children relate to how their parents feel when they won’t go to bed.

robots inside page

Each page features rich, full color illustrations. The detail in each scene is exquisite, from a solar system clock to a couple of family portraits, and bring the book to life. Children and adults alike can immerse themselves in the fun family dynamic of a boy and his lovable, though mischievous, robots (and a friendly mouse!).

robots bath

The onomatopoeias of all the different sounds that robots might make when they are not sleeping are hilarious, and are wonderful to read out loud with children (or without children – try to keep yourself from laughing either way).

A clever rhyme scheme that makes use of a variety of different robot-themed terms makes this an infinitely cuter read and the repetition makes it easy to follow along with the plot and to predict what will happen. Together, the rhyming and repetition make this the perfect bedtime poem.

3robotsI’ll admit that the fact that this book is about robots was a bit off-putting to me at first. I was afraid that this book would not be appealing to any group other than young-boys-who-love-robots. While some of the specific robot parts may need to be explained to children who aren’t that in to robots, I think that all children will still surely appreciate the creativity and they will likely find these ‘bots as cute as I do (did your child like PIXAR’s WALL-E and EVE? If so, they will be fans of the three little robots!). As for those kids for whopercym robots are “their thing,” good luck pulling them away from this book! This book is as gender inclusive and interest inclusive as a picture book about robots can get. It definitely helps that the illustrations are not too stereotypically “boyish.” In fact, illustrator John Rocco has also illustrated for Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, a mid-grade fantasy series that also appeals to children of all genders (trust me – when I was in 8th grade, this series was quite popular with me and the other girls my age as well as all of the 3rd and 4th grade boys).


robots end pagep.s. This book has adorable end pages! Both are designed to look like soft, inviting wallpaper when the lights are on and when they are off. The author’s dedication is “cross-stitched” and hung from the “wall,” and below it the illustrator has “drawn” his dedication in crayon. There is no end to the many ways in which this book wins over my heart ❤

~Reviewed by Katie Goetz

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