Winners Wednesday: A Pet for Fly Guy





Parents may love ipetforflyguyt, but children absolutely will. In “A Pet for Fly Guy”, parents and children will be laughing at the zzzzany adventures of a pet fly and his human companion Buzz. A finalist for the Children’s Book Council Kindergarten to Second Grade Children’s Choice of the Year, “A Pet for Fly Guy” is a new favorite among kids. But what is the buzz all about?


It begins with a story of an unconventional friendship between boy and fly. The silliness of their adventures together make for chuckles, but the illustrations are what really draw the readers in. Tedd Arnold creates a world of silliness through his writing and illustration of the various scenes. Without even going through the narrative of all the children playing with their pets, kids will be laughing as they point out a dancing bear, an octopus in a swimming pool, and a boy clad in armor to play with his pet hedgehog.


Despite all of the fun between boy and bug, Fly Guy wants a pet of his own. Together, they go on the hunt for the perfect pet for Fly Guy. Here, the silliness escalates even more as Fly Guy is licked by a dog, swatted by a cat, and chased by a frog. Despite all of the goofiness and fun of the story, it ends with a heart warming note as Fly Guy realizes Buzz can be his pet, something that will make every kid think differently about their own pet.


This book would be great to read out loud to a group, because the reader has the power to bring the book to life through the emphasize on all the buzzing and words like “yezzzz”. It could also be used for young new readers to practice reading phonetically, by pointing out the different “yezzs” instead of the word yes.flyguy


While this book is not winning critically acclaimed awards, it is winning the vote of children. Sometimes winners do not have to be deep and powerful in their message. This book is silly, fun, and packed with great illustrations, making it a great read-aloud for a kindergarten to second grade kid.

-Kristen Brady


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