Marvelous New Picture Book Monday: Girl & Gorilla: Out and About



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What do you do when you really want to play on the moon but have to settle for the park? This happens to be the very question that Girl and Gorilla seek to answer in this warm, charming, recently published children’s tale written by Ricky Walton and illustrated by Joe Berger. Not only does this book depict an unlikely friendship between a large animal and small girl, but it also contains playful pictures that look so ridiculous your child or student will erupt into fits of giggles at the sight of them. A prime example is when Girl and Gorilla begin their story and journey with riding a bike to the park. But, only one of them could fit into the basket.

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All goes well until they crash into a garbage can. Then, Girl and Gorilla are forced to find ways to travel to the park on their own. These ways include hopscotching to the park, jumping rope to the park, and even closing their eyes and wishing they were at the park, all of which ultimately fail.


Girl soothes Gorilla, who becomes increasingly frustrated with their seemingly unattainable destination, not even realizing the significance of their journey, and the Girl’s plan until they finally reach it. The whimsical nature of Walton’s dialogue and the sketch-like quality and fine detail of Berger’s drawings come together to make this lovely picture book that is the first among many we can look forward to this year.

new doc 6_1

-Sedrissia Veal








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