Trendy Tuesdays: Bear and Squirrel are Friends



A bear and a squirrel are friends…? It’s true! Bear and Squirrel are Friends by Deb Pilutti tells the story of two unlikely friends – a big bear and a little squirrel – that form a beautiful, loyal friendship.

giveBear and Squirrel, like true friends, help each other with things that the other can’t do alone! When Bear and Squirrel gather blueberries and nuts together, Bear shakes the trees with his strong arms and Squirrel scurries around to pick up the berries and nuts on the ground. Bear helps Squirrel gather leaves and sticks for a nest, and Squirrel helps Bear clean up his den. These two make a great team, despite their differences!

And best of all…both Bear and Squirrel LOVE to play games!


But…Squirrel’s friends aren’t so sure if Squirrel’s friendship with Bear is such a great idea. They warn Squirrel that Bear might try to eat him up for a snack! But Squirrel insists that Bear would never do such a thing. Bear is his friend.


Bear’s friends aren’t so sure if Bear’s friendship with Squirrel is such a great idea either! They are hungry and tell Bear that Squirrel would make a very yummy snack. But Bear says he would never do such a thing! Squirrel is his friend.

When Bear falls into a loooong winter nap, Squirrel waits for him…

And waits…

And waits…

Until finally, spring is here again and Bear wakes up from his nap!

But when Bear wakes up…Squirrel looks awfully yummy…

So what would a true friend do??? Find the book at your local bookstore or library to find out!


Though their friendship is unlikely, Bear and Squirrel defy stereotypes about them and become great friends despite what those around them tell them to do. They are loyal to each other through and through and are always helping the other and playing together. Seeing Bear and Squirrel’s friendship shows us that, just because two people are different does not mean they can’t be wonderful friends! Being different brings so many benefits to a friendship; friends help each other when in need, learn from each other, and share their strengths to work as a team!

The simple colors and illustrations are the perfect complement to the story because they don’t distract from the important messages. The pictures match the narration on each page, creating a nice parallel between illustrations and text. Although they may be simple, the pictures are very cute, so children love to look at them and see where the story goes next!  The illustrator uses pastels and lighter colors that appeal to younger children, and the variety of images and shapes is good for a child’s visual stimulation.

This picture book was written for children ages 4-8 and communicates some of the most important messages to learn during childhood. To have a friend, you have to be a friend! It’s wonderful to have friends who are different from you! And, if someone is a good friend to you, you should be their friend in return!

– Madi Goeringer


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