Winner Wednesdays: Lassie Come-Home


Lassie cover

“One May morning, without telling anyone, Joe’s father sold Lassie for fifteen pounds, ten shillings.” In this award-winning picture book, Lassie Come-Home, Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers retell Eric Knight’s classic story of the love of a dog, Lassie, for her boy, and the astounding lengths to which that dog is willing to go in order to be reunited with him. Lassie is Joe’s best friend and seems to be the only one who can understand him in a culture that often discourages the sharing of emotions. However, Joe’s father loses his job and sells Lassie to help make ends meet. As desperate as they are, though, Joe recognizes that some things- like love and companionship- are even more important than bread and cannot be bought or sold. It is this tale, artfully told through striking illustrations and a heartwarming story, that earned this book the 1995 Parents’ Gold Choice Award. 

Map of Lassie's Journey

The lovable and loyal Lassie helps make this book appealing for children of a variety of ages, and the rich illustrations draw young children in while the resonant text engages with older elementary school children. To learn more about Lassie’s adventures and amazing journey, read this book today!




Lassie loch

-Octavia White


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