Marvelous New Picture Book Monday: Just Like Me


cover  crib

In Just Like Me, Tom is a young boy who is about to have a new brother or sister. Tom begins to feel jealous that the new baby is getting all of the attention. For example, Dad brings the crib down from the attic at the beginning of the story and Tom immediately expresses that it is his crib, even though he now uses another bed.

unamused work

When Tom’s father brings Tom to the hospital and tells Tom that it’s a boy, Tom does not find the baby appealing. Tom notices that the baby required a lot of upkeep. From baths, to diapers, and various feedings. Whenever Tom’s parents try to involve him in activities that have to do with the new baby, he doesn’t want to participate.


Tom makes different suggestions to his mother on activities that don’t involve the baby like reading a story, or going to the park but gets upset when his mother asks him to wait. Eventually Tom explodes into a tantrum when his mother asks him to help by bringing her a towel. He yells that he hates the baby and reverts to very childish behavior saying “I want my crib!” and “I want my mom!” while climbing into his old crib.


To make Tom feel better, his parents give him some attention and bring out his baby pictures. The parents talk about how the new baby will stop crying so much and needing them so much just like Tom did in order to motivate Tom to be the “bigger” older brother.

-Saba Getaneh



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